Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who Really Caused the Oil Rig Spill

Well, who had the most to gain by blowing up the BP oil rig in the gulf of Mexico?
1. China They already have over 1000 oilrigs in the Mexico gulf right now, and if the USA step up more off shore drilling, China will lose out in getting more rigs...

2. Veneasuela, They also have high intrest in expanding their position with oil rigs in the gulf.

3. Russia, and Iran, Both of these allies want to keep the USA buying oil from the middle east. This will keep the Americans from getting out of debt, and will keep the USA in bondage to the middle East.

4. American Libarals, enviromentalist worried because president Obama had just agreed to lift the band on off shore drilling, may have created a under water blast to try and change the american public's mind as it relates to off shore drilling.

This is just a few of possiable Goverments or groups that may have blown up the well......